Religious tourism

Granada, a spiritual centre

Granada offers visitors all the rites and spirituality of Christianity, as well as the Muslim and Jewish faiths.

Granada is a land of strong religious sentiment. The city's churches, monasteries and convents give it a special spirituality.

Granada's Holy Week, declared an Asset of International Tourist Interest, is an authentic example of its religious nature. But that's not all. Fray Leopoldo, a national and international pilgrimage centre, attracts thousands of devotees of the renowned beatified monk.

Granada's patroness, Virgen de las Angustias, with her beautiful basilica, is another important spiritual centre in the city. Every September, the festivities in her honour announce the arrival of autumn.

Granada's exquisite cultural heritage, represented by a large number of churches throughout the city's historical centre, invites you to enjoy the religious services held in each one.

Granada, the city of three cultures, is also a religious point of reference for Islam and Judaism.

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