Tapas in Granada

Granada is the capital of tapas. In most places, a free tapa is served with each drink. Get ready for some tasty bites.

This section gives you information on all the tapa routes in Granada.


The best tapas routes in Granada

Realejo - Campo del Príncipe

Realejo is the old Jewish quarter of Granada. Coming from Plaza Isabel la Católica, head towards Calle Pavaneras and continue straight ahead until you come to Campo del Príncipe square. The highly popular statue known as the Cristo de los Favores stands in the middle of the square. You'll also find the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites, the Casa de ...

Plaza del Campillo, Plaza Mariana Pineda and Calle San Matías

Go for a stroll in Plaza Mariana Pineda, where you'll be greeted by the statue of Granada's Republican heroine. Then explore the streets around Calle San Matías and discover other highly popular tapas areas in the city. Nearby, you'll come to the last section of the route: Plaza del Campillo.

San Antón - Alhamar

A route that starts in the modern facilities of the Conference Centre and Paseo del Salón and continues along the banks of the romantic river Genil. You'll find Calle Alhamar in the direction of Calle San Antón.

City Hall - Navas

Discover the former Carmelite Convent, currently City Hall, standing in Plaza del Carmen, in the heart of the city. Continue your tour in Calle Navas and breathe in the authentic essence of going for tapas in Granada. Your tour of the historic centre starts in this narrow, bustling street.

Plaza Gran Capitán

Plaza de Gran Capitán, adjacent to the historical centre and one of the most popular places for a night out in Granada, is also becoming known for its tapas. You'll find all sorts of establishments there, from the latest and newest to authentically local.

Plaza de Gracia - Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

Calle Pedro Antonio and Plaza de Gracia, in the city's shopping district and historical centre, are the most popular streets for tapas and partying in Granada. You'll discover innumerable establishments where you can enjoy typical tapas in a young and different atmosphere.

Plaza de Toros (Bullring) area

Setting out from City Hall, walk up Calle Reyes Católicos and turn to the right to enter Gran Vía. Follow it and go past the Triunfo Gardens. Continue in the direction of Granada's bullring, where you'll come to the real gastronomic heart of the city, with many bars and restaurants.

Bib-Rambla - Cathedral

Discover the monument centre while enjoying the best cuisine. Plaza Bib-Rambla square is full of sidewalk restaurants and colourful flower kiosks waiting to be discovered. Visit the nearby Plaza de la Pescadería and Plaza de la Romanilla, and take a walk around the Cathedral, from Plaza de las Pasiegas and Plaza de Alonso Cano to the former silk bazaar known ...

Albaicín - Calle Elvira - Paseo de los Tristes

Going for tapas in Granada's most traditional neighbourhood, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Start your itinerary in Plaza Nueva and continue along Paseo de los Tristes. Go deeper into the wonderful neighbourhood of the Albaicín, where you'll find the famous Mirador (viewpoint) of San Nicolás. On your way back to the city centre, you can wander through the Sacromonte neighbourhood ...

La Chana

Las Torres, in the neighbourhood of La Chana, is another important area for the gastronomic art of making tapas. With establishments renowned for their tapas and easy to access, the neighbourhood provides a different view of Granada, other than monuments.

Zaidín - Vergeles - Palacio de Deportes

The Zaidín neighbourhood stands out as one of the key places for tapas in Granada. You'll find many establishments with pavement terraces there. It is next to the Palacio de Deportes (Sports Arena) and very close to the Serrallo shopping centre, providing a different plan for your holidays.

Ribera del Genil - Conference Centre - Paseo del Salón

This is a large area that comprises several parts of the city. You'll find a huge variety of tapas in the vicinity of the historical centre and along the banks of the river Genil. If you're attending an event, you'll discover many tapas bars near the Conference Centre.

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