Treat Yourself To Grandada in Lent

Granada in Lent

For those who can't wait for Easter

Tradition, passion and gastronomy in preparation for Easter

Treat yourself to a trip to Granada when the city is preparing for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Treat yourself to the experience and you’ll never forget it.

Granada makes you feel the full weight of tradition as you get a whiff of incense in worship to an image on a float; listen to the sounds of a processional march, a drum or cornet in a brass band parading through the streets; watch the costaleros who carry the heavy floats on their shoulders practising in the cold evening air; and savour the local food in February and March, the typical convent sweets, tapas in Lent and the traditional local dishes. Tradition in Granada is a different experience.

Rejoice at the sight of three-day devotions at altars in the Realejo, Albaicín and Zaidín neighbourhoods. Join in the devotion to the images; share the sense of belonging to a Granada brotherhood as they prepare for Holy Week, a tradition declared an Asset of International Tourist Interest.

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