Christmas lights bedeck the streets of Granada during the long December weekend.

Long December weekend

Granada offers a plan to suit any preference

Winter is drawing near and Granada is bedecked in all its finery to welcome the visitors who come to discover the city on the last long weekend before Christmas.

The GRANADA CARD Tourist Pass is the best option to discover Granada in depth over the weekend. Remember that you can visit all the main monuments in the city, including the Alhambra. The GRANADA CARD is also another option in case the ServiCaixa tickets are sold out.

If you'd like to go on a tour of the city, we suggest taking one of the guided tours to explore every corner of Granada in depth.

This is also a good time to enjoy the most pure flamenco in the Encuentros Flamencos festival.

The cultural options are completed with concerts and, for children…

Moreover, everyone should be able to have fun in Granada, which is why we’ve created a guide on accessible tourism resources, which you can download here!

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