Autumn colours in the Albaicín

Autumn in Granada

Gastronomy, lively entertainment and festivals are the main reasons why Granada is so special in autumn, one of the most popular seasons to visit the city.

Autumn in Granada commences with a religious festival, the procession of the Virgen de las Angustias, the city's patroness. On the last Sunday of September, the city welcomes thousands of fervent devotees of the patroness who flock to the city from everywhere in the province.

The religious festival is accompanied by the first tastings of autumn fruit. Many market stalls offer these delicacies: acerolas (Barbados cherries), jujubes, quince, persimmons, not forgetting the emblematic and essential granada (pomegranate), which becomes a key part of the local diet, adding a touch of colour to main dishes such as migas.

In October an ancestral rite lives on in the stalls that sell roasted chestnuts on every corner in the city centre. The crackling fires and hot ashes lend a special flavour to the dark autumn afternoons full of bustling pedestrians.

The Mirador of San Nicolás, considered by many to be the best place to contemplate the setting sun, is worthy of its fame at this time of day. The warm autumn sunlight lighting up the Alhambra and Albaicín is a highly memorable experience.

The city swarms with new inhabitants, the university students who return to the city for the academic year, giving the city a very lively atmosphere.

However, Granada's festivals are what make autumn in the city so special. It is the season when the prestigious festivals take place, like the Granada Jazz Festival, the Otoño de Encuentros Flamencos festival, and the Hocus Pocus Magic festival. Check out our website to keep informed of the festivals.


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