What to do Monuments and Museums


Telephone 902 958 027 971

Sign Language Audio Guide: In Spanish and English for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Pick one up at the main entrance

Disabled toilets

  • Main Entrance (disabled toilets)
  • Service Entrance, next to the Puerta del Vino (the Wine Gate) (disabled toilets)


Useful information for visits to the Alhambra: general route, Nasrid Palaces and car parks

Wheelchairs available next to the Generalife ticket office



Fine Arts Museum

Located on the first floor of the Palace of Carlos V, it is waiting to be equipped with a lift.

The Red Cross performs a service to aid visitors with mobility problems in some exhibitions. It is not a regular service.

Telephone 958 575 450


Royal Chapel

There are two steps at the entrance.

Wheelchair users can access directly through the entrance of the Cathedral


A mechanical ramp or lift provide access to the inner rooms. Not available for heavy chairs.

There is no disability access for the visually or hearing impaired. However, the visually impaired are permitted to touch everything around them except the paintings.

Oficios 3

Telephone 958 229 239



A ramp with handrails. 

Plaza de las Pasiegas

Telephone 958 222 959


José Guerrero Centre

Disabled access: Entrance to the museum, toilets and a lift to the upper floors.

Oficios, 8

Telephone 958 225 185


Madraza Palace  

The Palace features a ramp at the main entrance.

The tour is on the first floor, although access to the second floor is permitted for specific events. There is a lift for such occasions.

Oficios 14

Telephone 958 243 484


Caja Granada Museum

A slow-moving platform and an access ramp to the right.

Avenida de la Ciencia, 2

Telephone 958 222 257


Science Park Museum

958131 900 Avenida de la Ciencia s/n.

Disabled access for people with reduced mobility


Church of San Juan de Dios

The staff places a ramp at the entrance to provide access to the basilica. The service is provided at 12:30 on Sundays, when a Mass for those who are ill is held.

If you have reduced mobility and plan to visit the church, you will be able to enter the Basilica but not the chapel behind the altar. The stairs to it are not equipped with a ramp and there is no lift.

San Juan de Dios 19-23.

Telephone 958 275 700