Tourist Pass GRANADA CARD pickup points.

Since September 17, 2018, a new bus card collection system has been launched.

Tourists can pick up the transport card directly at the bus machines.

That way they do not have to go through the office or depend on the opening hours.


To visit the monuments you only need the "print at home" on paper or on your mobile. 


To use the transport you have to collect the bus card at the following bus ATMs .

You will need to enter on the screen the LOC BUS code that appears in the "print at home".


Gran Vía 29-Sagrado Corazón                   Gran Vía 32 - Sagrado Corazón


Gran Vía 7- Catedral                                Gran Vía 4 - Catedral


Acera del Darro 8 - Puerta Real                 Acera del Casino 5 – Puerta Real 


If you have any incidence, call 858 880 990.

Do not forget to collect all the cards.

The cards are ready to be used within their validity date, allowing multiple transfers (changing line) for 60 minutes.