Plan your trip How to use a GRANADA CARD

Before the purchase you will choose:

- the types

- starting date for the Granada Card

- date for the visit to the Alhambra and time slot for the Nasrid Palaces, depending on the chosen types.

Please be sure that you choose a date and time for the Alhambra taking into account that you will need to have enough time to pick up your card beforehand.


Without the "Print at Home" you can not use the services or go directly to the Alhambra.

The cards can be picked up after their purchase but won't be valid for use until the chosen start date. No modifications in the start date are allowed after the purchase.


To visit the monuments, you just need the "print at home" on paper or on your smartphone. Direct access without going through the box office.

To use the tranportation, you need to collect the tickets in advance. 



The monuments included in your GRANADA CARD type, with the exception of the Alhambra, can only be visited once, during opening hours within the validity days of the card, with out booking in advance.

Visits to the Alhambra require booking in advance. You can select the date and time of your visit during the purchasing process.

The Sacromonte Abbey visit is guided. Please, check the time slot before getting the monument T 958 221 445.

The visit to the Planetarium and the Biodomo at the Science Park Museum are not included, as they are not included in the general ticket to the museum. Tickets for the Planetarium cost an extra €2.50 and must be purchased in advance at the ticket office. Tickets for the Biodomo cost an extra €4 and must be purchased in advance at the ticket office.


City bus

In these bus machines, you can collect your bus passes which can be used on every city bus line.

The card allows you to make any number of transfers within a 60 minute time limit.

The bus pass is valid for:

- Every day during the card validity.