All of Granada in a single card

The GRANADA CARD gives you tickets for Granada’s main monuments and public transport, as well as big discounts on other tourist services. There is also a Kids GRANADA CARD for children of ages 2-11. It includes the same services as the adult card.


To visit the monuments  you just need the "print at home" on paper or on your smartphone.

Since September 17 2018, the bus pass must be collected in the bus machines

 Granada cards available 3 calendar months in advance.  


The Alhambra and the other monuments will closed on 25th December (Christmas Day and 1st January (New Year)

NOTICE: Since October 27th onwards, GRANADA CARD sales will be closed until further notice due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 


Covid-19 claims customer service 858 880 990 o



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Telephone for pursache +34 858 880 990



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